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Welcome to Finture, where we are committed to delivering unparalleled customer service and business process automation excellence. With a proven track record in the banking and insurance sectors, our commitment to quality is backed up by our ISO 27100 certification.

At Finture, our team of business analytics experts is poised to assist in comprehending and identifying critical processes within your organization. We specialize in developing reliable business solutions. Moreover, our skilled programmers and testers ensure the highest quality of our software.

Choose Finture for a seamless blend of expertise, innovation, and commitment to optimizing your business processes.

Ready solution or custom software?

Gain a competitive edge with swift time-to-market advantages by opting for ready solutions. At Finture, we recognize the distinct priorities of different banks, where time can be a critical factor. Introducing Flowee, our specialized business process automation platform designed to swiftly digitize your back office operations.

While ready solutions offer expedited implementation, we acknowledge their limitations in meeting every organizational requirement. This is where custom-built software proves invaluable. Our team of experts not only provides insightful guidance on tailoring solutions to your unique needs but also leads you through the entire development process.

Choose Finture for solutions that align seamlessly with your priorities and a commitment to delivering bespoke software tailored to your organization’s specifications.


Digital banking

It’s not just mobile banking. It’s fast and automatic processing of account opening, credit, mortgage, and credit limit increase applications. It’s relieving employees while simultaneously improving the customer experience.

Experience up to a 30% improvement in client service speed. Discover the possibilities of automation in banking.

Our Success Stories
in banking sector

Automation of credit card applications

The client expected an increase in credit card sales from the remote channel, and consequently, a reduction in the costs of this product.

The development of a simple and streamlined risk assessment model allowed for finding a compromise between Electronic Banking (customer experience) and the Risk Department (ensuring the stability of the Bank).

Automation of the credit limit application

In addition to increasing the sales of the credit limit through the remote channel, there was an improvement in customer experiences (omnichannel).

Integration with the bank’s environment (over 100 integration services) posed a challenge, but the technical verification conducted from the beginning of the project allowed for mitigating this project risk from the start.

Digital transformation of credit dispositions

The client expected an increase in automation in the area of issuing credit dispositions to reduce costs on the Operations side.

Dispositions previously submitted at bank branches are now available through online and mobile banking, relieving the bank branches and providing consumers with greater and easier access to the product.

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