Case Studies

Each customer and project is unique, and every single one brings not only a lot of hard work but also a lot of valuable lessons. Have a look at what we’ve done so far and become part of our journey:

Automating credit card applications

The client expected to increase credit card sales from the remote channel, and thus reduce the cost of this product.

The development of a simple and simplified risk assessment model allowed us to find a compromise between Electronic Banking (customer experience) and the Risk Department (ensuring the stability of the Bank).

Automation of credit limit application

In addition to increasing remote credit sales, the challenge was to improve the omnichannel customer experience.

Integration with the Bank's environment (more than 100 integration services) was challenging. Still, the technical verification carried out from the beginning helped mitigate this project risk.

Bussiness process automation

The client embarked on a business process optimization program, which resulted in the need to provide a tool to assist business and IT in implementing new and optimizing already implemented business processes.

Finture provided a proprietary BPM class solution that enables the agile design of processes, decision rules, their versioning and integration with the client's domain systems.

Automation of the customer retention process

The client expected support in the area of customer retention. The challenge set was to improve the existing rates with limited operational costs.

One of the project challenges was to individualise the offers prepared for customers. As part of the project, we focused on analysing the data held by the Bank and how a Customer Service Consultant can obtain this data during a telephone conversation with a customer.

Opening Selfie Accounts

Many processes are carried out in a remote channel without the ability to verify the owner physically, so the client is expected to verify the data from the client's identification document with a 'selfie' photo taken during the process.

On the other side of the barricade are the risk, compliance, and security departments responsible for the security and stability of the Bank.

Continuous integration
and deployment

The client was looking for a solution to deliver IT solutions faster to the production environment and to eliminate the repetitive task performed by programmers.

The need to agree on a single development process (Software Development Life Cycle) with different technologies (e.g. .net, webmethods) of the client was a challenge for the Project Team. The proposed solution based on Azure DevOps allowed the preparation of a technology-agnostic solution while supporting migration to the cloud.

Introduction of mobile VAS channel

The client expected to increase the revenue stream from the sale of ancillary products generated from the remote channel. The introduction of the add-on product was also a desire to attract additional customers to the Bank.

An additional expectation was to fully automate the process so that the solution provided would assume margins at an appropriate level.

Social Media Ad optimize

The US start-up was looking for a solution to automate the execution of advertising campaigns on the internet and physical platforms such as smart TVs, adverts in taxis or at cash registers, along with the precise definition of target groups.

The design challenge was to appropriately design the solution architecture to enable the processing of large data sets in a short time (response times of less than 30 ms).

Automation of internal IT processes

A large logistics company, with a high staff turnover (more than 10,000 employees, including couriers) needed a solution to organise processes that would reduce handling time, reduce the risk of errors, and thus improve security by limiting access to the necessary minimum.

Frequent staff turnover and the need to address security issues raised the priority of the IT4IT solution. A huge design challenge was to inventory all the processes and how they were run.

Digital Transformation of credit deposits

The customer wanted more automation in the area of issuing credit instructions to reduce costs on the Operations side. One idea was to introduce the handling of instructions in the Internet channel.

Instructions previously made in Bank branches were made available from electronic and mobile banking to relieve the burden on Bank branches and give consumers greater and easier access to the product. The Project Team quickly responded to the customer's needs by automating on the back office side, which handled 80% of primary cases.

Insurance sales automation

The client expected an increase in sales of insurance renewas and leases. The solution was to enable online generation of competitive offers from various insurance companies.

Competition in the motor insurance market is fierce and personalising the offer to the individual customer is vital. Presenting an offer from one insurance company is insufficient to cover market demand.

Optimization of business processes for corporate clients

The client serves the strategic segment of large enterprises and the corporate sector, where each new client signing an account agreement with the bank expects a range of accompanying products to be rapidly launched and services to be individually parameterised according to the arrangements made with their dedicated adviser.

The analytical work of the Finture team was divided into several stages. The first was a comprehensive inventory of the processes involved in onboarding a new corporate client.

Development and maintenance of corporate CRM system

The client carried out an in-house project to build a CRM class system dedicated to advisers to clients in the corporate segment. After many years of constant change, the system architecture needed to be rebuilt to keep pace with the growing needs of analysts and client advisors.

The project team undertook the takeover of a CRM-class system from the bank's business team and the demanding task of inventorying the data sources (multiple island databases) and reconstructing many SQL queries.

Invoice Reader module

Relieving the day-to-day manual work of central secretarial staff in the mass processing data from incoming invoices and accounting notes. Using advanced tools to optimise this process and automatically (without employee participation) transfer critical accounting data to the EDM class system.

The project included a stage of in-depth analysis of the documents being processed (including their types and the structure of the data they contain, the image quality of the scanned paper invoices, the channels of entry into the process, and the target needs for changing the current interface of the EDM system).

Integration of e-commerce platform
with existing systems

The client was creating a new online store based on a ready-made eCommerce solution - BigCommerce and expected support in integration

The client launched a new Internet shop to handle e-commerce orders better. The project's primary objective was integrating the new eCommerce platform with existing systems for filling and handling online orders. The project issue was implementing the integration without a webhook mechanism due to the client's security concerns.