ESG raporting easier than you think.

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ESG courses and advisory

ESG reporting is a challenge, especially when there is a lack of experience in implementing similar processes within the company. Meeting the regulator's requirements and the CSRD directive can be overwhelming, and the lack of organized knowledge can create organizational chaos. That is why we offer our training service, which aims to organize knowledge and prepare the groundwork for developing an ESG strategy for your organization.

ESG strategy

Who are your stakeholders? Why do service providers also included? Is it enough to switch from PET bottles to filtered water? Do we need to report all indicators or only selected ones? What social actions are worth taking? Are there already anti-discrimination or anti-bullying policies in the organization? We will answer these and other questions and together we will prepare the appropriate documents. Together with you, we will define a course of action that is in line with the CSRD directive.

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Large and medium-sized enterprises must now consider how to effectively report on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) areas. Although the process is not complicated, there is a difference in data collection (from the significance of impact to calculating the carbon footprint). Collecting and processing non-standardized data and communicating with stakeholders pose challenges. To facilitate this process, we have created a tool using artificial intelligence that automates the work and minimizes errors while writing the report.

Key benefits

Rapid distribution of surveys about the significance of impact to all stakeholders

Automatic generation of materiality matrix

Rapid distribution of ESG surveys to stakeholders

A step by step ready process

Dashboard with visual presentation of informations

Raport approval path


Stakeholders list in *.xmlor with the API use

Predefined reporting areas depending on the industry vertical (with the ability to edit)

Prepared questions for impact significance and ready-made surveys

Report generated with AI support (with the ability to edit)

Indicators, disclosures, significance assessment

In an easy and enjoyable way, you will choose from a list the indicators that your organization should report, assess the financial significance in different reporting areas, distribute surveys, and assign disclosures. And all of this is provided in a user-friendly interface.

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Discover other ready-to-use solutions

We know that our clients use many systems, and to create optimally efficient processes, we integrate our solutions with the client's systems (various access channels, robots, internal systems).

Applications and Registry of Entities

iWnioski is a system designed for handling applications, which allows replacing the traditional way of working, based on emails and paper documentation, with a unified tool for logging inquiries and issuing opinions in the area of Compliance. Intuitive forms guide the user through the steps of the process, facilitating both the proper choice of processing path and shortening the response time.

and security

All organizations are currently facing the challenge of securing their IT infrastructure against cyberattacks. Enterprises using multiple computer systems are developing security management policies. The involvement of multiple decision-makers and compliance control with policies pose a challenge and a significant problem even for well-managed and large entities.