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Reduce costs and increase profits

Business process automation using the Flowee platform (BPA) is a way for modern organizations to reduce costs. By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, BPA platforms reduce the need for manual work and free up valuable time and resources.

A large number of manual processes creates a significant opportunity for errors to occur

Flowee is a modern solution designed for businesses of various scales. By automating routine and time-consuming tasks, Flowee significantly reduces the possibility of errors and increases efficiency. With Flowee, companies can eliminate the risks associated with manual data entry and other repetitive tasks, thereby reducing the likelihood of costly mistakes.

With Flowee, you can create complex forms in a matter of seconds

You are able to create complex forms with attachments at the appropriate stage of the process, present them to your employees/clients in an elegant manner. Allow yourself the freedom - different versions of the same form, if necessary!

Get inspired by the ways to unleash the full potential of Flowee

Service desk support

Is your support center overwhelmed with inquiries? Many of them being repetitive? Support your team using Flowee and give them the time they need to focus on real issues.

Processing of invoices

Gain better control over expenses and reduce invoice processing costs. Regardless of the complexity of approvals, Flowee will help you improve the invoice processing process.

Processing of documents

Do you want to improve the process of creating, approving, and signing contracts (both paper-based and electronic)? Flowee helps in creating secure contracts on time.

Processing of correspondence

Optimize incoming and outgoing correspondence, improve record-keeping, and eliminate the risk of document loss while providing online access to documents.

Employees onboarding pracowników

Take advantage of improvements in claims handling that can work wonders for the satisfaction of your customers and employees.

Handling of claims and damages

Everyone enjoys smoothly transitioning into a company, knowing who, what, where, and when. However, the onboarding process can seem long and complicated. Flowee can help you at every step of this process.

Handling of holiday requests

Handle annual leave requests with accurate knowledge of the number of days employees are entitled to, check dates, and most importantly, submit requests smoothly.

Handling of sales

Automated online sales? Regardless of the type of services provided by your company, you can implement an approach that helps your customers gain quick access to the required services, regardless of their location.

Support for Project Managers

Support your Project Managers by providing them with the right tools. Business process automation applied to requirements gathering or project profitability calculation is certainly the right tool.

Step by step implementation

What is the best place to start? Well, at the beginning 😉 Ask yourself questions and gather data. During the "discovery" phase, you will collaborate with our business analysts to map out and gain a better understanding of all the processes in your organization.

When it comes to implementing a BPM platform itself, it's best to start with small processes and gradually expand them. You can also choose to use one of the pre-built processes in Flowee, such as the invoice processing process.

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Discover stages of Flowee implementation

Phase of needs assessment

As mentioned earlier, we begin our work by understanding your organization, existing processes, and analyzing business needs.

Design stage

As mentioned earlier, we begin our work by understanding your organization, existing processes, and analyzing business needs.

Flowee configuration

After mapping the processes, we will proceed to prepare the target configuration of Flowee


Just like people, software likes to gather and team up - that's why we know that sometimes Flowee needs to be a team player and integrate with the software your organization already has. This is the right moment to do it.


The latest modifications and tests aim to ensure that Flowee meets your needs and is ready to run in your work environment.


Nobody likes it, but we all know it's necessary, so we never leave you without it. Documentation and training are the final milestones before launching Flowee.

Implementation and new features

After launching Flowee, we ensure that you have everything you need to work effectively with Flowee. And upon request, we add new features and enhancements here and there 😉

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