Future skills

Training in the field of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is crucial for organizations, as it opens the door to new possibilities in process automation, work optimization, and innovation. By providing employees with knowledge about the latest AI technologies, the organization not only increases its competitiveness in the market but also stimulates creativity and efficiency in problem-solving.

Why is it worth it?

94% of IT industry specialists are already using AI-supported tools in their daily work. 43% believe that AI allows them to work faster and more efficiently completing a greater number of tasks in the same amount of time as before the introduction of AI into their daily work.*

Raising the productivity of organizations while simultaneously preventing the overloading of employees with work (or even preventing occupational burnout) seems to be the direction in which the organization will become a modern and attractive workplace, but will also be ready for new market challenges..

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Who will lead the training/workshops?

The trainer

Adam Skąpski

Head of R&D

A graduate of the Computer Science program at the Warsaw University of Technology, he is an IT professional with over 15 years of experience in various positions, including Programmer, Technical Team Leader, Software Production Manager, Solution Architect, and IT Advisor. He is open to innovations and fascinated by the advancements in generative artificial intelligence. He is trying to find ways in which AI can accelerate software engineering and make it more accessible to everyone.

Who is this training for?

The training is designed for organizations whose goal is not only improving productivity, and work comfort of your ‎‎employees. This training is suitable for both individuals with basic knowledge and those who already use AI in their daily work does not require knowledge of coding and is dedicated to office workers (non-IT).

What is the goal of the training?

As an organization working in the IT industry, we are aware that the&nbspnumber of tools and the constantly increasing amount of new information about AI can be overwhelming. Our goal will be to gather and structure knowledge about AI in an accessible manner along with practical exercises. We focus on the practical application of AI in daily work.

What will you learn/find out?

During the training, you will not only become familiar with popular tools like ChatGPT or Midjourney. The list of AI tools is extensive. However, we will limit ourselves to those that will assist your employees in your daily work. You will learn what tokens, prompts are and how to write them. You will also learn how to write simple scripts as well as to analyze a large amount of data

within minutes with the help of AI. During the training, we will also cover topics ethical, legal, developmental directions, and limitations of AI. We will also talk about
on how an organization, besides developing competencies among its employees, must prepare for the use of AI in its daily operations.

What materials will you receive?

During the session, you will receive printed and PDF materials
and in them:

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