Who are we?

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Our team of IT experts believes that our commitment to achieving excellence at every step of our work, along with the vast knowledge we bring to each project, is the key to success. We are not afraid to step out of our comfort zone, and our approach to each project is based on honesty, hard work, and perfectionismOur mission is for our clients and partners not only to achieve planned results but utilized their potential to the maximum.We collaborate with you to ensure 100% certainty that you will receive support that transforms this potential into tangible results.

Finture combines technical knowledge with 20 years of experience in delivering solutions and services to global companies that meet the highest levels of security control.

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What technologies do we use?

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Finture - team of IT experts

Grzegorz Popielnicki
BU Director Banking
Marcin Kirilenko
BU Director Insurance
Adam Skąpski
Head of Research & Development
Krzysztof Chyliński
New Business Director
Katarzyna Tarasiewicz
HR Bussiness Partner
Wioleta Kasprzak
HR & Administration
Weronika Dyląg
Marketing Manager
Agata Krajewska
Marketing Specialist
Marcin Horeglad
Team leader
Karol Gałazin
Team leader
Ilona Zielińska
Team leader
Agata Molda
Team leader

How do we work?

Our team of IT experts consists of project managers, analysts, programmers, testers, and devOps who, together with your team, go through the optimal process to achieve the goal set by you.

Baseline phase

The high level of automation of processes affects faster service, reducing the involvement of bank employees, but often provides unattended verification of different types of documents and their legal forms. Therefore, to help you choose the most suitable solution within 24h of your inquiry, you will be contacted by one of our account managers..

During the initial conversation, we will try to understand and capture the essence of your problem and, as appropriate, suggest a further course of action. Together, we will decide to engage in the following steps.

At Finture, we protect the information and will sign confidentiality documents with you if you need them.


Discovery phase

In our experience, after the initial conversation, a common next pre-project stage is a workshop where together we will explore the next components necessary to achieve your goals.

At the workshop:

  • based on the knowledge of our team of IT experts, together we will supplement the description of functional and non-functional requirements, providing you with material that facilitates the collection of key information for target business requirements.

  • or we will translate your business requirements into a visual language by providing you with a mapped and completed process diagram based on the BPMN2.0 notation, taking into account the role of information systems in the execution of manual activities and automatic data exchange

  • We will recommend and provide a set of best practices for the placement of key elements and functionality on your interfaces (UX design)

By working together in a workshop, you will gain valuable knowledge and factually correct materials that can form the basis for further work.

Design phase

In the design phase, our team of IT experts proceeds to implement the previously established plan. We design mock-ups, user interfaces, or skip this stage, moving on to designing the architecture of the solution or specific elements, depending on the subject of the order.

We depend on the client's preferred way of working in the length of the sprints. We select the elements to be implemented within these sprints with the client.

A team of IT experts you can trust.

Because we know and have experience in banking and are sincere about building lasting relationships with clients, you will gain from contacting us at every stage of the process. From supplemented materials with expert knowledge to process diagrams before the project begins.

You will receive a quote for your project at every stage (appropriately detailed to the information we have on the project).