We believe that hyperautomation is the key to your organization's success and the first step towards digital transformation. That's why we use a range of intelligent technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation, Natural Language Processing, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. We aim to help you go one step further.

Many of our clients are complex enterprises with a sophisticated organizational structure. They have hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of distinct and defined business processes involving a vast number of administrative, sales, product, operational, and other teams. However, every organization, even one with significantly smaller operations than a corporation, is constantly seeking effective methods to eliminate waste of available resources.

These pursuits often lead to the need for automation and process optimization using various IT tools (BPM, RPA, AI, LowCode Platforms, etc.). The real project challenge lies in the accurate analysis of the current state (AS-IS) and equipping the appropriate business units with functional and efficient solutions. This is what we've been doing for 20 years.

in Insurances

Providing customers with fast and convenient service is essential to any Insurance Company's offer. Automated claims handling is a significant efficiency improvement for the Insurance Company, ensuring that the customer receives a quick response at a crucial moment.

Whether you are interested in an off-the-shelf solution or a dedicated one, our team will guide you throughout the process.

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retencji klienta

The client expected support in the area of customer retention. The challenge set was to improve the existing rates with limited operational costs.

One of the project challenges was to individualise the offers prepared for customers. As part of the project, we focused on analysing the data held by the Bank and how a Customer Service Consultant can obtain this data during a telephone conversation with a customer.

Automating credit card applications

The client expected to increase credit card sales from the remote channel, and thus reduce the cost of this product.

The development of a simple and simplified risk assessment model allowed us to find a compromise between Electronic Banking (customer experience) and the Risk Department (ensuring the stability of the Bank).

Automating credit card applications

In addition to increasing remote credit sales, the challenge was to improve the omnichannel customer experience.

Integration with the Bank's environment (more than 100 integration services) was challenging. Still, the technical verification carried out from the beginning helped mitigate this project risk.

The optimal tool
for process automation

Hyperautomation is the automation of an optimal number of business processes within a company. That's why Flowee was created, seamlessly combining workflow and business process management functions with their automation. Revolutionize your way of working, increase efficiency, and streamline processes in your organization.