in Insurances

Increase the extent to which you automate your processes beyond just selling travel insurance online. You will successfully implement operations automation such as claims handling or motor insurance sales.

The right tool

With the right tools, such as Flowee, iClaimsRouter, or simply Camunda, you will implement segmentation automation, technical liquidation orders, medical certificate orders, or even the automatic ordering of a vehicle appraisal by an expert. You will introduce automated SMS or email notifications informing your customers at every stage of the process.

Execute claim adjustments and increase efficiency.

User-friendly tools enabling intelligent damage segmentation, reducing claim settlement time, streamlining the claims process within the organization, and, by improving the end customer experience, supporting customer-centricity within the organization, will help you enhance team efficiency.

Thanks to predefined rules, refer the claim to the relevant liquidation unit within the organisation, pass the order to the expert, and generate the appropriate letter with a set of attachments to the customer or a link to the portal for valuing the claim using the simplified method or self-liquidation.

How might such a system work?

When time is of the essence

The implementation of the claims process requires an organization to have the ability to quickly adapt daily processes to the current situation.

An increased number of property damages resulting from heavy rainfall may necessitate the handling of claims by more than one team or directing a greater number of claims through a streamlined liquidation process. The steering engine addresses this need by allowing the parameters of processes to be changed "on the fly."

Modern interface

In the Internet age and the context of Generation Z's entry into active working life, organizations are being challenged further. A friendly and aesthetically pleasing client application interface, both in the external area and inside the organizational structures, has now become a standard.

With Finture, it is possible to transform and optimize an existing application to achieve a new level of quality. This process is not only limited to simplifying the user path or introducing new communication channels but also promotes an innovative approach and modern design.

Analytical approach

Analysis is an indispensable step in software development that provides a solid foundation before implementation. Finture is a partner that understands the importance of this step and has an experienced team of insurance experts.

Our expertise and practice allow us to shorten the path from analysis to finished solution. This makes the process much more efficient and optimal. With Finture, you are assured that your project will be carried out professionally, considering the insurance industry's unique needs.

Explore ready-made solutions

We know that there are many systems that our customers use, and to create the most optimal and efficient processes possible, we integrate our solutions with the customer's systems (various access channels, robots, internal systems).

is a solution based on microservices architecture
with the possibility of installation both on premis and as a
cloud solution. The tool integrates the policy system,
damage system, UFG Database and Eurotax

How can we help?

Whether adapting ready-made solutions or building tailored solutions with your team, we strive to meet the needs and business requirements of your organization.

How do we work?

Our teams are made up of project managers, analysts, developers, testers and devOps, who work with your team to walk you through the optimal process to achieve the goal you have set.

Baseline phase

The high level of automation of processes affects faster service, reducing the involvement of bank employees, but often provides unattended verification of different types of documents and their legal forms. Therefore, to help you choose the most suitable solution within 24h of your inquiry, you will be contacted by one of our account managers..

During the initial conversation, we will try to understand and capture the essence of your problem and, as appropriate, suggest a further course of action. Together, we will decide to engage in the following steps.

At Finture, we protect the information and will sign confidentiality documents with you if you need them.


Discovery phase

In our experience, after the initial conversation, a common next pre-project stage is a workshop where together we will explore the next components necessary to achieve your goals.

At the workshop:

  • based on the knowledge of our experts, together we will complete the description of functional and non-functional requirements providing you with material to help you complete the key information for the target business requirements

  • or we will translate your business requirements into a visual language by providing you with a mapped and completed process diagram based on the BPMN2.0 notation, taking into account the role of information systems in the execution of manual activities and automatic data exchange

  • We will recommend and provide a set of best practices for the placement of key elements and functionality on your interfaces (UX design)

By working together in a workshop, you will gain valuable knowledge and factually correct materials that can form the basis for further work.

Design phase

In the design phase, we proceed to implement the predetermined plan. We design mock-ups, user interfaces, or work without this stage, moving to create the architecture of the solution or specific elements, depending on the subject of the order.

We depend on the client's preferred way of working in the length of the sprints. We select the elements to be implemented within these sprints with the client.