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Automation and optimization of business processes with the help of technology is the area we work on every day with our clients, helping them achieve their goals. Interested?

Shaping the business future


Our team has extensive experience in working on solutions for the banking sector.


We leverage our knowledge of the insurance industry to develop optimal solutions.

Custom software

Automation and optimization of business processes are our specialty.

Efficient Digital Banking

Whether you are a cooperative bank or one of the largest in Poland, we can help you optimize your processes and turn them into higher efficiency for your organization.

With us, you will carry out both the automation of increasing the limit on the card and the process of granting a mortgage.

in Insurances

Providing customers with fast and convenient service is essential to any Insurance Company's offer. Automated claims handling is a significant efficiency improvement for the Insurance Company, ensuring that the customer receives a quick response at a crucial moment.

Whether you are interested in an off-the-shelf solution or a dedicated one, our team will guide you throughout the process.

Custom software development

Our company fully understands that the individual needs of our clients require a personalized approach. Our team of technology and insurance industry professionals is ready to create software that perfectly suits the unique requirements and specifics of their business.

Our experience and attention to every detail are the keys to the success of the projects in which we participate.


Whether you need a single system-business analyst, a developer, a tester, DevOps, or a complete team to carry out the assigned tasks, at Finture, we are ready to help you select the right person or complete a team according to your requirements.

How can we help?

Automation and optimization of business processes are not the only areas of our expertise. Our team of IT experts will also help you with solutions tailored to your needs.

Explore individual competencies and related case studies of a company that provides IT solutions in accordance with the standard ISO27001.


What areas are worth optimizing?
Where to start? We will explain everything with examples.

A large organization means ample scope for optimization. Automating sales, complaints, customer retention, document handling and even HR processes.

Custom solutions

None of the ready-made solutions have responded to the needs of your organization? Let's talk about dedicated ones.

We will analyze your business case, specify the requirements, prepare mock-ups and design a solution tailored to the needs of your organization.

Machine learning

Use of machine learning, AI, as well as advanced algorithms and expert systems can help you improve your efficiency through price optimization, recommendation models and OCR image processing.

Learn how to use AI or expert systems.

DevOps & Cloud Solutions

Automate and integrate processes such as Continuous Release and Deployment, Continuous Testing and Continuous Monitoring, and you will be able to repeatably and safely implement new changes in the most complex ones.

Transfer or create your tools based on a cloud solution. Access them from anywhere without installation.

Digital transformation

What does digital transformation mean for your organization?

Transforming an organization from analog to digital can be overwhelming for anyone. Whether you want to move your services, customer service or tools online, we will be happy to talk and analyze your business case and propose a process tailored to your organization.


Whether you are looking for someone to externally manage your IT development or an extra pair of hands to join your team for the duration of the project, we are here to help. 

Let's talk about what support your organization needs and how Finture can provide it.


Success stories

Each project and each client is unique, each involves a lot of work, but also many valuable lessons.

See what we've done so far and become part of our history.

Transformation of credit deposits

The customer expected increased automation in the area of issuing credit instructions to reduce costs on the Operations side.

Dispositions previously made at Bank branches were made available from electronic and mobile banking, relieving the burden on Bank branches and giving consumers greater and easier access to the product.

Extraction of invoice data by INVOICE Reader module

The project included a stage of in-depth analysis of the documents being processed (including their types and the structure of the data they contain, the image quality of the scanned paper invoices, the channels of entry into the process, and the target needs for changing the current interface of the EDM system).

The expected performance of the INVOICE Reader Module exceeded the client's baseline requirements achieving a stable accuracy of over 85% for all processed documents and their extracted accounting fields.

Bussiness process automation

The client embarked on a business process optimization program, which resulted in the need to provide a tool to assist business and IT in implementing new and optimizing already implemented business processes.

Finture provided a proprietary BPM class solution that enables the agile design of processes, decision rules, their versioning and integration with the client's domain systems.

The optimal tool
for process automation

Seamlessly combines work management, business process management, and business process automation functions. Revolutionize how you work, increase productivity, and streamline processes in your organization.

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Krzysztof Chyliński

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